This morning as I process images from Dawn and Jerroll’s wedding on Sunday, I’m reminded of what I think is one of the most important things in life: uninhibited laughter. ┬áThe kind of laughter that doubles you over, makes you slam your hand on the table or grab on to someone to steady yourself. The kind of laughter that might be a little too loud, because it just cannot be contained.

My dad had the kind of laugh that would make you laugh yourself, while simultaneously worrying a little if he was still able to breathe. He would be totally overtaken by laughter: chortling, wheezing, unable to speak, tears rolling down his face.

As we get older, it seems like these moments happen less and less for many of us, but they’re some of the most beautiful and precious moments of our lives. I really love to be around people who are generous and uninhibited with their smiles and laughter, and I cannot help but smile as I go through these images from Dawn and Jerroll’s wedding. There were only about 50 people at this wedding, but enough laughter for 150. It makes me happy to be around people like this, and makes me miss that enormous, raucus, contagious, oh-my-God-is-he-okay laugh of my Dad. It’s beautiful.