Tall Trees + Brrr + Dogs + Golf = :)

Wow, y’all, it seems like forever since I’ve done a full blog post! October was so crazy busy that I just kept my head down and showed you bits and pieces of what I was working on, so I’m really happy to finally post an entire session here!

I shot Chrissy and Ryan’s engagement session last week, when it was getting CHILLY with a capital C-H-I-L-L-Y. I kinda love that, because it presents all kinds of opportunities for snuggling and nuzzling and hugging. I have a hunch though, that they would be pretty snuggly even if it was 90 out there. They are so completely adorable, and such a sweet couple! And my favorite part is that this area is where they often go to wallk/run/play with the dogs, so when they look back at these images, it’ll bring back memories. I really love seeing all these moments between them, so I’m just gonna be quiet now and show you the cuteness.

Engagement Dogs

Tall Trees

Engagement Golf

Lake Engagement



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  1. Elaine Nassisi says:

    Awesome pictures-really captured their personalities!!!

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