Senior Style Reps!

We’re looking for JHS Senior Style reps for 2013! If you’re about to be a high school senior graduating in 2013, you can receive some awesome benefits just for referring your friends to JHS.

What will I need to do?

Your goal will be to promote Janet Howard Studio to your friends. You’ll show your photos, talk about your experience, and give them information.

How does it work?

We will print cards with your photo and a promotional discount for anyone you refer. When your friend calls to schedule, they must say they were referred by you and bring your card to their session. All you need to do is refer your friends, you don’t need to discuss pricing or other details.

What will I get?

  • A free session. We’ll choose location(s) and styling options based on your personal style and activities.
  • Rep cards for referring other students.
  • Digital images designed for Facebook.
  • Materials that will show off your photos. This could mean a book, prints, graduation announcements, or other products. We’ll decide after your session what will best help you to promote Janet Howard Studio.
  • A $20 referral bonus for every person you book.


What makes a good JHS Senior Style Rep?

We’re looking for students who are well-liked, responsible, active, and stylish. I love people with lots of personality and activities we can can use to show variety in your session. We will choose only one or two reps per school. You should be ready to do your Senior Style session early in the summer, and be ready to show your awesome photos to your fellow students right away!
What are the rules?
  • You promise to promote JHS and only JHS, and brag as much as possible about your awesome photos and the experience. You can’t be a rep for any other studio, or you’ll lose your benefits.
  • You  (and your parents) must sign a model release so that we can use your images in advertising.
  • You will be required to like the JHS page on Facebook, follow JHS on Twitter and use social media to show off your images and promote JHS.
  • You must have your parents’ permission to participate as a JHS Senior Style rep.

Awesome. How do I get started?

Just fill out the form below!


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