Today I’m working on Jennifer and Brad’s album, and I had to take a moment to appreciate their departure. What do you do when you’ve planned a grand exit with bubbles and a beautiful antique car … and it rains? If you’re Jennifer and Brad, you embrace it! Sure, they could have just run right into the car, but they braved it out! They took a few moments for pictures in the pouring rain, and I have to say I love the result. I think the rain is so romantic anyway, but when you combine it with the antique car  and an aged treatment on the photos, I think we ended up with really timeless Casablanca-esque images.

Here’s the car:

As people were lining up outside for their departure, Jennifer and Brad had a moment alone while they waited.

I  did an aged look on their departure shots to match this car. How awesome that they were open to embracing the rain!