Beware! The images that follow are of a haunted house. … okay, it might not actually be haunted.  But it totally looks like it could be haunted. And on a dark, Halloween night that might be just as scary.

I can’t tell you much about where this place is or who it belongs to. Which might be because I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Or it might be because like viewing the videotape in The Ring, once you’ve seen it, you get drawn in … like how Naomi Watts ended up in that well, no matter how many people yelled at their screens NOT TO GO ANY FURTHER.

This place will soon look entirely different, but on this autumn day it was neglected and a vision into the past. Even though it sits in the middle of a bustling area filled with homes and businesses, there is nothing else visible from this entire property. The place is eerily quiet, as if you’re not in the city. When I went to do this shoot with Jennifer, we actually saw bees that had been frozen in place right where they sat on bright purple flowers. It was as if the entire property had been frozen in time. (and that last part is actually true!)

The living room.

The place is an old horse ranch. I found this on the floor in the living room.
Bathroom fixtures… A pail sitting in a hole in the wooden countertop.
I simply adore this old chair in the corner.

The pool … complete with entire plants growing out of the swampy water on the cover.

We all made it out alive… THIS time… bwa ha ha ha ha haaaa…..