More today from Linda and Andy’s wedding.

I think one of everyone’s favorite part of any wedding is that moment when the bride enters. This moment is particularly beautiful at the Biltmore ballrooms, where the drapes part to reveal the beautiful bride and she enters through this fabulous doorway. And it is always a sweet moment between a father and daughter, a jumble of emotions from joy to bittersweet memories of a lifetime together, to just pure love.

But there was also something at this wedding that was unique. At the beginning of the ceremony, Linda and Andy’s parents were asked to join them, where there was a very sweet appreciation of what their parents have done for them, and the influence they’ve had to make Linda and Andy what they are today. It was wonderful, and I heard people talking the rest of the evening about how touching this part of the ceremony was. I love the image on the right with this little girl, because I think of her far-off future wedding.

And a few more images from their ceremony, just for fun.