I’ve been saving these images for a day just like today. It’s a rainy, cold day… a FOUR on the WIZometer, y’all. We’re all crashing from the constant barrage of political ads for the last many weeks. The weather is changing which makes me want to both stay under the covers and eat waaay too much (and feel kinda jello-y as a result). And frankly, I’m still recovering from the Project Runway finale. I have witnesses that saw me yelling “NOOO! NOOO!” at the TV, and the rest is just a blur.

But there are a few things brightening my morning: I’ve got a crazy busy week filled with new client meetings, portrait sessions (the one today is very special to me), an amazing bridal event this weekend, and maybe best of all,  Deven and Cliff’s Wish Upon a Wedding tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait to see the gorgeous creations from my fellow vendors.

And for a day like today when I need a little boost to get my jello-y behind moving, I’ve been saving images of one of my favorite couples. Michelle and Sean brightened my day when we did their engagement session, and I remember that feeling just looking at their images. They’re adorable, but they’re also the kind of couple you just want to hang out with … charming, funny, and warm. They’re getting married at 200 Peachtree, so for their session we started and ended there, walking around some quiet and some busy streets downtown, discovering cool spots of great light. They’re a cool, urban couple, so their images have a distinctly urban feel. When I got home from this session, as I was raving about what a fan I’ve become of Michelle and Sean, John said “I think you love them”. 🙂 I agreed.