Wow, y’all, did I ever get hit by the cold that is going around! Totally flattened, and lost my voice too. As my voice came back though, I found that when I’m a little hoarse I do a seriously mean impression of 10-year-old Michael Jackson when I sing “I Want You Back”. Which, by the way, is one of my favorite songs to hear at a wedding reception even though it hangs around in my head for days afterward. “Ooh, baby, give me one more chance…”

I’ve been dying to introduce you to Marie and Alex. Their wedding was a week ago, and we did their engagement session just a couple weeks before that. Alex is in the military and they were out of the country until just two weeks before the wedding. And then… two DAYS after the wedding, they moved to Germany. Now THAT’s a crazy schedule.

You’ve already met Marie’s shoes. Remember the Thanksgiving post with the red leaves impaled by a cute pair of heels? Those were Marie’s. And here is where we were at the time:

I knew I loved them right away because not only are they just totally adorable, they have a lot of fun together, and they’ve got an artsy vibe about them.

So I went with some funky, bright processing, to go with their personalities!

This was Marie’s favorite image, and they had it in a big signature frame at the wedding.