I used to be sooo good about sending out Christmas cards. I had all my addresses handy, sent out cards the first week of December. It was a fun process of thinking of loved ones as I wrote out each card, and I loved getting lots of cards in return. (And don’t you love that process of getting a card from someone and realizing you didn’t send them one, then rushing one out the next day? Or getting that card from someone a few days after your cards went out and knowing they went through the same thing?)¬†Anyway, the last few years life seems to get away from me at the holidays and I haven’t sent out cards like I used to. But I still love getting them.

One of my favorite cards of the year comes from the Gunja family. Every year in November we get together and do a family portrait session, and those pictures make their way onto their Christmas cards. That session is one of my favorites of the year, because it is fun, casual, and we get pictures that really show the personalities of the kids. This year, they all put on their Christmas jammies and piled up together on mom & dad’s bed. So much fun, and even more joyful for me when I got this card:

Thanks, Angie!