Happy Snow Day, Atlanta!! When the malls are closed in Atlanta, you know something REALLY serious is happening.

I can’t get enough of this snowstorm. I’m obsessed. I’ve been watching the news, reading everyone’s Facebook statuses, seeing pictures of dogs and kids in the snow, trying to see cute names for the storm in use (snowpocalypse, snomaggeddon, ATLsnOMG!). I’m from Wisconsin, so I still sit in amazement when I see 4 inches of snow turn an entire city upside down. And I’m totally fascinated by the variety of household items people will improvise in order to hurl their bodies down a snowy hill. I’ve seen people slide down hills in laundry baskets, office chairs, a pond liner, and a kayak. And one of those people was in Piedmont park at two a.m., wearing a hot dog costume. What could possibly be more fun than that? Are there any sweeter words in the English language than “SNOW DAY!”?

If you’re a kid, you’re off school, if you’re an adult, you’re probably off work. If you’re me, you take this time go get things done while everyone’s on snow-cation. I took this time to work on an album, and came across this image of a beautiful little girl from one of last year’s weddings. She’s so beautiful, and her expression is kind of haunting. I remember this moment, when she was standing next to the CAKE.

photo of the day