Snowmaggeddon day two, on 1/11/11. What a pretty number. I’m so glad I can stay in today, although that pretty date makes me want to go out and write a check for something. Except that I hate writing checks. The only people I know that write checks anymore are the people right ahead of me in the grocery aisle.

More today from Marie and Alex’s wedding. Today our formal portraits! They’re just adorable. How much do you love the flower in Marie’s hair? I love when a bride’s personal style shows through on the wedding day.

An interesting detail… the bridesmaids all had different, unique hairstyles, and cute little bows and clips in their hair. A great way to add some personality and make them all unique while they wear the same dress. And

they were tons of fun.┬áDon’t you just want to hang out with them?

We took these images at a spot along the way from the church to the reception. It’s a great idea if you want to do something a little more urban or creative on the wedding day in addition to the church photos. Love it!