One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting wonderful people. Sometimes those meetings turn into friendships, and sometimes those friendships become like family. I’ve been doing family portraits for the Vo’s for over 5 years now. When we first met, Hoa wanted a family portrait for her birthday, and Karen was pregnant with her first child. That led to many other portraits, social outings, and more, and I call them my adopted Atlanta family. Now …. 5 years, 3 weddings, and 5 1/2 children later (there’s one in the oven)… here’s the family.

And the best part was that this time I made it into one of the portraits! Of course, as usual my favorite image is always one of the outtakes. I love this one (except that Hoa’s face is hidden by my ginormous hair and I think she probably got a mouthful of it).

Thanks to Ken for taking this one. I love it!

And, P.S… in the process of doing this post, I learned that “ginormous” is actually in the dictionary, for geeks like me who care about that kind of stuff.