Okay, so this morning I’m watching the Today Show, and they’re doing a healthy eating segment with David Zinczenko, the guy who wrote Eat This Not That. While I’m totally behind the ideas he’s talking about (watching what you eat regarding fatty “free” appetizers at restaurants), I instantly found myself talking back to the TV.

DZ: (talking about Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay biscuits) Would you ever go swimming in a place called “Cheddar Bay”?

Me: Swim there? Um… I’d build a house there, with a dock made out of pretzels.

DZ: [for 150 calories each] that would be like saying before [my food] comes, I’m going to sit down and have over a dozen Hershey’s kisses.

Me: Yeah! And why DON’T they put Hershey’s kisses out before the meal, anyway?

I kid, David Zinczenko, I kid. Anyhoo…

Today, a few more images from my session with the Vo family. Get ready for a bunch of photos, because these kids are simply too flippin’ adorable to squeeze into one post. First up: siblings Katherine, Isaac and Madeline.

Now, with as much of a mutual love-fest that I have going with all the Vo sisters, Isaac is NOT my biggest fan. He doesn’t dislike ME, exactly, but when I have a camera in my hand he wants nothing to do with me. He does, however, love his little sister.

And wouldn’t you? Come on, this face is irresistible. Almost like cheddar biscuits and Hershey’s kisses.