There are certain places you absolutely cannot go wrong with for a wedding. One of those is the Ritz-Carlton. The service, the decor, the food … perfection. Although Michelle and Sean got married across the street at 200 Peachtree, they stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, and that was also the site of their first look, and our photo session before the wedding. There is one problem for a photographer though in this setting … resisting the temptation to shoot there ALL DAY. What? You want to go across the street so you can get married, eat, drink, dance and have fun? But there’s about 1000 more beautiful locations around here to shoot! Oh, alright, I guess so …

Even the simplest of places at the Ritz-Carlton are beautiful backdrops. We started here in the main entrance.

A few steps away, this gorgeous staircase.

Our next stop, the beautiful bar area. Such a perfect backdrop for a classic but modern couple like Michelle and Sean.

Most of our formal photos were done a little further off the beaten path… We wanted to find a quieter spot where we wouldn’t be in the way of people passing by, and where we could take some photos without a lot of people passing through. This was a perfect spot, at a back stairway.

Okay, can I just take a moment to fawn over the ring bearer? Tyson Beckford, lookout, you have met your match.

We hit just a couple more spots on the way over to 200 Peachtree…

I’ll be back with more from the ceremony and reception at the awesome 200 Peachtree.