Where the heck have I been? If blog posts were nutrition, I’d be personally responsible for starving all of you. Vacation, computer repairs, and some repairs on my own self, and I’m finally back in the saddle/office chair. Thank goodness I had a vacation, because I’m heading into some crazy busy weeks!

So today to celebrate my return, a little Christmas in March. Christine & Rob’s wedding was in December, and they had some of the most beautiful festive touches in their wedding.

Courtney took this shot of the rings on some of the holiday greenery.

Instead of a pillow with the rings, an ornament.
This is one of my favorite wedding details of all time. Christine found these totally fabulous bouquets and boutonnieres made from crystal. I can’t think of a more elegant and unique touch. (WAIT! Pause here and grab a tissue, and prepare to drool.)
Crystal cake topper as well.
Also, best idea for escort cards/favors: a mini Christmas tree filled with gorgeous ornaments to guide guests to their tables.