Are you familiar with copyright laws? Yeah, didn’t think so. Most people aren’t, but it’s a pretty hot issue with photographers. We want to protect our work, make sure that it gets shown in the best way to protect our image, our brand, our reputation.

For the most part, my philosophy is along the lines of George M. Cohan’s: “I don’t care what you say about me, as long as you spell my name right.” By that I mean, I likes a good photo credit. I’ve learned lessons along the way about holding back from showing some images, as much as I’m dying to show them, until they can be published, but once they’re out there, I love for them to be shared. Once you’ve paid for a session or wedding with me, you’ve bought a disk, you can use the images for whatever you want personally*. Post on Facebook? You betcha. Create your own mug? Rock on. Blog? Did I mention the photo credit?

I diverge for a moment to talk about a project I’ve been doing… Project 365. My self imposed rules are this: 1) Take a photo every single day. 2) The photo must have artistic merit, at least to me. 3) The photo must make some statement about what I was doing that day or what was going on in my life, my mind, my heart that day. 4) The photo must be taken with my iPhone.

I’ve thought about sharing these daily images with all of you. I’ve held off because of #3, and sometimes the images are very personal, very intimate (no, not in a naked kinda way), and I’m a little nervous about sharing those things with everyone. ┬áBut today I want to share one.

This is my photo of the day from Friday. John and I had gone out to check out a construction project a block from the house that creates a seriously annoying amount of noise and is expected to last ONE YEAR. On the construction site was this barricade.

I love this message. I love that it’s on a big orange-striped barricade.

So, go ahead, “steal” this image. I haven’t even watermarked it with my logo. Take it, use it as your phone’s wallpaper if you like, use it as a reminder when you just need to see a big orange barricade that says “Everything will be ok.” All I ask is this: Remember that it’s true. Everything will be okay. Oh yeah, and did I mention I like a good photo credit?

* Personal use: in JHS world, that means you can use the images for anything you want personally, but can’t sell the images commercially without my express written permission. I’m sure there should be lots of legal mumbo-jumbo here.