Lots of people figure when a photographer has gone quiet on their blog it is because they’re not shooting anything. But in my experience, it is the exact opposite. For me, the more I’m shooting, the more I’m out of the office, the more I’m heads down processing images, trying to block out distractions so that I can focus and get everyone their images on time. I get so focused that I miss workouts, one of my favorite parts of the day. And before I know it, I look up and a week has gone by without a blog entry. Boo!

Last week, I processed a wedding, three events, and three portrait sessions. And this week, I’m processing 10,000 – yes TEN THOUSAND images from this weekend’s weddings. Look, it’s not my fault — ¬†I had gorgeous couples in fabulous locations, with a ¬†heaping helping of gorgeous blue skies. But I woke up this morning thinking “I miss my bloggy friends”, so here I am.

I’m continuing today with more images from Christine and Rob’s wedding. So many cool details and moments to share, like these adorable earrings. Christine actually made these herself for each bridesmaid. What a sweet touch!



Okay, how adorable is this flower girl?

The wedding was at the Marlow House in Marietta Square. I love that they got married in front of the Christmas tree.

Love this image of their first dance. Oh, I melt when I see how they look at each other.

And the twinkly lights. Oh, how I love you, twinkly lights. Any time of year.

“Yo, what’s a girl gotta do to get a chocolate milk around here?”

Rob’s brother, the best man, is a writer. Turns out having a professional writer compose the toasts is a goooood idea.

Rob’s dance with his mom. This family is so open with their affection and admiration for each other, it was wonderful to experience.

The band was awesome! Dave Daniels and the PTA rocks!