Oh, life moments!

Are you ready for this? Last week, I gathered with Ashley, Lauren, and Angie from Birch Blooms to shoot a tablescape. While we’re setting up, Joe (Ashley’s husband) runs across the street for coffee and donuts, and Ashley lays baby Delaney (a/k/a the best, happiest baby in the world) down on the floor, where she entertains herself with sweet little gurgly baby noises. Meanwhile, I, completely powerless over sweet gurgly baby noise, am drawn to her like she’s a big ol’ magnet and my camera’s made of paperclips. And then! Delaney rolls over for the FIRST TIME, right in front of my camera!

Here’s how the whole things\ started:

At the 75% mark, there was discussion of what constituted an “official” rollover.

Is this it?
Whoa, people, I think I did it!
Mommy declares a full rollover! Yay!
That’s right! Yay for me!
Once she got the hang of it, she quickly flipped back onto her back, and then back on to tummy.
You’re totally impressed with my rollover skillz, aren’t you?
There was a scary moment though. Have you ever felt like you’re being chased by tiny stuffed animals?
Oh, wait. I LIKE tiny stuffed animals. Wassup, guys?