Spring has sprung, everyone! This was a spectacular Easter weekend. 82 degrees, sunny, and as I type this my window is open and I’m listening to birds singing just outside. Thanks for the mood boost, Mother Nature! My job brings me into contact with some of the most amazing people! Two of my new favorite people are Ed and Gayle Wilson. Ed is a wedding officiant, and he’s got a great site at GetWedByEd.com.  Is that cute or what? Anyway, from the first moment I just loved hanging out/shooting with Ed and Gayle. You can from the moment you meet them that they have very warm, generous hearts, plus they’re laid back, funny, and so sweet together. See? Look how sweet.

This is so cool. Ed and Gayle’s doula (birth coach), Teresa of  A Labor of Love, suggests that couples create something like this beautiful chalk artwork:

I love the name “Max”!


And the funny thing is, their cat is also named Max. No relation. Say “hi”, Max. Tomorrow, you’ll meet Max (the baby)!