So yesterday you kinda met Max, even though he was still in his mommy’s belly. Today, you get to meet him now that he’s out in the world. Everyone, meet Max. Max, meet everyone.

What I love about baby sessions is getting the whole family together. And it gets even better with Ed and Gayle. Just look at how sweet and loving they are together.

And the best part is how Ed looks at Gayle. And how he looks at Gayle and Max together. Such love. Melts my heart.

And then there’s baby hands and baby feet.

Okay, so we did a picture showing everyone’s feet together, and we noticed that Max’s whole teeny baby foot is the size of his daddy’s big toe.

And then all of a sudden, Max started doing his Joey Tribbiani impression. “Hey, how YOU doin’?”

Did I say “the best part” back there? Well, there’s a tie for “best part”. It’s the sense I get from them that they’re really soaking in this time with baby Max, really enjoying each other, enjoying him, staying in the moment and appreciating and cherishing this time. It’s so important in life that we really absorb moments like this, because they become part of who we are. And I look at these pictures and I can just see them doing that. It’s a great reminder for us all.