Something a little different this week. I’m toying with the idea of giving quick previews from weddings, and starting with Sydney and Joel’s wedding on Friday.

I MUST start with Sydney’s awesome gown, by Erica Angeline. Wow.

Flowers? Gorgeous. From Tulip.

Sydney looks incredibly elegant! We did a quick photo shoot at the Loew’s Atlanta. I could have shot her there all day.

I’m totally in love with the details from this wedding. The bridesmaids had these super-stylish fabric roses, and each bridesmaid wore it differently, in her hair or on her dress. And the MAN of Honor wore his as a pocket square. Too awesome.

What, you want even MORE awesomeness? How ’bout the parasols!!

Piedmont Park weddings | bridesmaid parasols

They guys had their own cool details.

Lookin’ hot here in Piedmont Park (the ceremony and Reception were at the Piedmont Room at Park Tavern). Yeah, it was 90, but they still look good. 🙂

Piedmont Park weddings

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll show you the ceremony and reception!