As I write this, I’m laughing at the title of this post. Sydney and Joel were so much fun and had such cool things happening at their wedding reception, and the DJ (The most awesome DJ Tron) kept saying “Who DOES that? Who DOES that?” Case in point… for dessert: WARM chocolate chip cookies and milk. Awesome. Who DOES that? Sydney and Joel, that’s who.

I get ahead of myself, though. I know after seeing their chic ceremony, you want to see their reception decor, right?

Sydney chose this chandelier as a theme throughout all her printed materials. I think it really sets a tone for the event, don’t you? But what makes this awesome to me is the combination of the elegant chandelier motif with the bold, bright pink. It tells you this event is going to be elegant, but filled with personality and fun. And you know what? It WAS!

As people came in the door, they were greeted with this cool lemonade stand. And thank you very much, because it was hot!
Inside the reception, it was chic and bold. Gorgeous flowers by Tulip, beautiful (and yummy!) cakes by the unbelievably talented Cake Lady, Eileen Carter. And planned by Kesha Nettles at Watermark Weddings.
Okay, so you can see that everything was elegant, for sure, but it was also FUN! Sydney and Joel made sure everyone had an amazing time, and those warm chocolate chip cookies were just the beginning.