Good Wednesday morning! Aaaah, I’m feeling the crisp, cool morning air as I write this. I love this time of year, when the days are warm and the nights are cool.

Today, I’ve got a few more shots from Sukari and Andre’s wedding. And… I’m so thrilled that soon I’ll be shooting a BiB session wit Sukari because – yay! – they’re expecting a baby!

In the moments before the ceremony at The Biltmore, I snuck down to the bride’s room and got a couple quick portraits of Sukari and her bridesmaids. She was so calm and so sweet!

I absolutely love all the red details at the ceremony and reception, all done by EllyB.

This is a cool new thing: A couple times in the past year, I’ve done wedding ceremonies that have featured a dancer. In this case, the dancer performed after everyone but Sukari entered.

Don’t you just love the looks on the faces of Sukari and her parents as they make their way down the aisle?

A lot of people ask me my favorite places for weddings in Atlanta. While I don’t have any strict “favorites” because there are so many completely wonderful venues in Atlanta, if I had to make a list,┬áThe Biltmore would certainly be on it. It’s just an elegant, beautiful place.

Check back here tomorrow for some rockin’ dance photos from the reception!