Happy Halloween! This is our first Halloween in our new neighborhood and I’m so excited to see all the kid’s costumes! Do I get a Halloween wish? Because if I do, here it is: I wish to not have candy left over to tempt me at home. I’ve already had more than my share of Butterfinger Snackers. You know, just to make sure they were fresh and suitable for giving away to trick-or-treaters.

I don’t have anything scaaaaary for you today, but I do have a fun session chock full o’ autumn goodness. Nicole and TJ took me to Corn Dawgs in Loganville. I had no idea this place was so massive or so awesome. Anyone looking for a fun family outing for kids, this is worth the trip.

I always say that it takes a while to settle in to a photo session. So I love when the very first click of the shutter is one of my favorites from the session. How adorable are Nicole and TJ in flannel?

There are endless cool places to shoot at Corn Dawgs, and I so loved watching Nicole and TJ. They flirted with each other, they cuddled, and just generally had fun. Genuine happiness makes my job easy. One of our first stops was this big pile of hay bales.

You know I loves me a good red wall. In this case, a big fake barn.

Of course we had to go through the corn maze.

They even had a cool old plane.

Who doesn’t love a tire swing?

We also found this cool swing.

And of course, there were pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins.

Nicole brought a little pumpkin along as a prop. As I was shooting this first shot with the ring on the pumpkin, a little girl ran up yelling “oooh, look at that tiny pumpkin!!” And in one quick movement swooped in to grab it, ring and all. Thanks to my lightning-fast reflexes (and my heart in my throat as I envisioned Nicole’s engagement ring falling into a literal haystack), I grabbed the ring and pumpkin right before the girl’s little hands could snag it. Whew.