Yesterday was a beautiful day in the very scary neighborhood.

When we moved in to our house, we were told about how this area goes crazy for Halloween. So we bought ourselves a little candy and headed out to the nearby block party. Well…

Oh. My. God. We had no idea what this was gonna be like. We have never seen anything like it. An entire neighborhood totally decked out, and thousands – THOUSANDS – of people enjoying the atmosphere. Most of the houses had a theme. There was the spider web house, the Harry Potter house, the movie villains house, the Wizard of Oz house… And people dressed in costumes matching their theme, some with groups of three, four, or more people handing out candy to the children, who by the third house had completely given up on saying “trick or treat!”. ┬áHere’s the view from the end of the block.

I didn’t have my camera with me, which is probably a good thing because I would have taken nine thousand pictures that I don’t have time to process. So all photos here were taken with my iPhone.

This is one of the first houses we saw.

Here’s one of my favorites. The Home Chopping Network. These people handed out candy on big goulish hands, and whenever I heard screams I’d look over to see someone being chased around the yard.

My favorite moment of the day was at this house. The little princess in the pink walked up and asked the man “How did your head get off your body?”

This was my favorite house, way at the end of the block. I love it because it’s totally immersive, and I almost can’t imagine it being a regular house. Not only are there bodies hanging from the tree and a super creepy dilapidated fence, they BOARDED UP THE WINDOWS and they have BODY PARTS ON THE ROOF, y’all!