Today I’m grateful for emotion, and specifically the kind of emotion that can create tears. Tears might arise out of pure happiness or from loss, but either way, they so often come from a place of love. Love is the one emotion that is so big that it can spill out into tears from its depth and purity of feeling on either end of the spectrum. I’m grateful for those moments in my own life, and for being able to capture when they happen to other people.

I’m grateful to be present for moments like this, when two people see each other on a wedding day and just can’t hold it back.

And for moments like this. After Ashley and Ryan left their ceremony, they had a moment alone together with emotion and gratitude so strong it just swept over both of them.

And for moments like this. I don’t know exactly what was said here with a family member, but you don’t have to know the words to see the sentiment and love behind these expressions.

And even more special is the moment just afterwards. I shot this just a week after my dad passed away, and I had more than a small tear in my eye myself at this moment.

Now more than ever, I appreciate emotion in all its forms. It makes us alive. It makes us both human and divine.