Okay, so I talk a lot about making our sessions personal… doing them at places that mean something to you. Well, from almost the first day I met Ed and Gayle, we found a common driving force in our lives: doughnuts. So when we were thinking of a good place to go for Max’s 8 month session, what better plan could we have come up with than meeting at their favorite spot, Dutch Monkey Doughnuts.

First, let me just say that these are not just any doughnuts. These are seriously really no kidding worthy of driving way out of your way for. So of course, our session started with filling our tummies with yummy doughnut-y goodness. Mine featured fresh bananas.

We started by taking a few pics inside, cuz it was pretty cold outside.

Wardrobe change!

Then we packed up and went outside on a blustery day, with Max bundled!

Luckily Max has an abundance of adorable sweaters.

Sometimes I don’t even know how much I love an image until someone else makes me appreciate it. It was when Gayle chose this one as her Facebook profile picture that I fell in love with it all over again.

I love the warmth of them together against the cold winter sky.