Big storm coming through this morning. Doesn’t it make you want to just curl up in bed and listen to the thunder? But instead… let’s enjoy the warmth of Kayleigh and Sean’s wedding.

I know I mentioned this before, but Laurens did a beautiful job with these florals.

And the place cards were adorable.

Okay, everyone, the cakes. The wedding cake was simply gorgeous. These flowers are so elegant.


But this groom’s cake… come on! How awesome is this?


And now, on to some of my favorite moments. Don’t you love the look on Kayleigh’s face during her first dance with Sean?

And the hug at the end of Kayleigh’s dance with her Dad just warms my heart.

And another sweet moment with Sean and his Mom during their dance.

People had sooo much fun at this wedding! I originally met a bunch of these awesome folks at Elly and Derek’s wedding a few years ago. This is them:

Anyway, since I had met some of them before, I had high hopes for the amount of fun I’d see at this wedding, and I was sooo right. Such personalities! So much dancing, so much laughing, so much affection!


I mean seriously, folks… double dutch.