This morning as I sat down to work on Catherine and Eric’s wedding from this weekend, I HAD to stop and show you their engagement session. Really, I’m just dying to show you images from the wedding, but I wanted to “introduce” you first because they’re just so interesting!

Catherine and Eric are a very smart couple. He’s an engineer, she’s a lawyer. I’m quite sure their heads are filled with spreadsheets and flowcharts, tons of technical illustrations and polysyllabic words. But on the outside, they have classic good looks. If this was high school, I’d say they’re mathletes on the inside and prom queen and quarterback on the outside.

We figured the perfect place for their engagement session would be Fernbank, since it captures that part of their personalities. I’ll let you enjoy while I get back to their wedding images.


In the movie version of our session, they’re played by Reese Witherspoon and Dylan McDermott, and the dinosaurs come alive. They of course save the world in the end.