I’m so in love with the details from Catherine and Eric’s wedding! I think they did it just right… found the right combination of elements that created a cohesive, stylish event that really suited their style and personality as a couple. Everything had a classic, timeless look, and the colors, florals, venue and decor really came together flawlessly.

With the processing for this wedding, I tried to play up delicate, vintage, classic look of the event with lots of golden tones and soft highlights.

I have to start with Catherine. Gown by Nicole Miller. Hair and makeup by Formal Faces. Porcelain skin by God.


Oh, and the gorgeous location? Wimbish House.



On this day, Catherine was so elegant, I swear she wasn’t walking, she was gliding.


I felt like the purple and ivory florals by Petals A Florist were the perfect accompaniment to Catherine’s delicate vintage style.

And for the guys, Catherine tried to make the florals as elegant yet masculine as possible.

Although I did catch Catherine’s dad holding the bouquet, which he seemed to find quite funny.

Oh, and the calligraphy! Perfection! Done beautifully by Faith Miller at Calligraphy Atlanta.

All this was coordinated by their simply fabulous wedding planner, Daria MacGregor at Circle of Love Weddings. Here she is straightening Eric’s tie.

And here’s Eric, looking like he stepped out of a classic novel.


I’ll be back to show you more of the wedding and reception, but for now I’ll leave you with a classic image of Catherine and Eric. Heaven!