I still have so much to show you from Catherine and Eric’s wedding! Can I fit it all in one post? Hmmm… let’s see.

Let’s start with the important stuff: the cake. Celso’s Cakes does such beautiful (and delicious) work, and the design of this cake again fits so perfectly with the classic elegance of the wedding.

Check out these delicate little beads.

I do love the little pops of color in the florals.

On the tables, floral perfection (again by Petals A Florist). I’m a fan of how the centerpieces are slightly different on each table. And the calligraphy table markers are so elegant.




Sweet moments during Catherine and Eric’s first dance.

The toasts were very sweet. One of my favorite things in the whole world is when someone gets choked up talking about how much they love someone.


You know what’s awesome? People watching. Don’t you love being at a mall or an airport and watching people just be themselves? My job is awesome because I get to watch people AND take pictures of them AND all that while they’re dressed up and happy and swathed in a bubble of wedding-day love. Some of my favorite photos from any wedding are just these quiet, sweet moments between people.


Yeah, so if I didn’t already love Catherine and Eric enough, instead of a Groom’s Cake they had doughnuts. DOUGHNUTS.

Cuteness during the bouquet toss. First, Catherine of course looks exquisite making the toss.

The catch was mostly an easy one…

But then the bouquet made its way into other hands. Who wants it?

How about you?


Proud of her catch!


And then the last dance. Love, love, love how Catherine and Eric look at each other.

Okay, here’s something I’ve never seen before! These are bubble swords! They are the size of a small sword but otherwise just like the bubbles you’ve seen before. They created these nice big bubbles for the exit!