Yesterday I showed you the amazing table display put together by StudioWed vendors at the Bridal Extravaganza at 200 Peachtree. Today, the rest of the story, highlighting the best Atlanta wedding vendors from StudioWed!

First, here’s the group of style geniuses that put everything together:

Atlanta Wedding Vendors

Then they made ME get in the picture:

Best Atlanta Wedding Vendors

We all look particularly gorgeous because our hair and makeup were expertly done by P*3 Lab and Scoobie West. I used to think “oh, how self indulgent” when I heard of big celebrities who travel with their own personal hair & makeup staff. But you know what? If I had Lady Gaga money, I would absolutely have Scoobie on permanent retainer.

Notice all the cool hairpieces? Vintage awesomeness provided by Vanilla Hue and Fine and Fleurie. I didn’t want to take mine off.

And now the cakes. I’ll start with this amazing one from For Goodness Cakes, which won at the NACE Atlanta Design Trends Awards the following night.

Every layer of this cake featured different, exciting details. Absolutely spectacular.




The cake sat on this awesome linen by I Do Linens.

And if that weren’t enough, check out this one by Sweet Sensations. I don’t know how they make this delicate flowers, but I love them for it. I thought the decorative elements could not have been more perfect for our Gatsby theme. How much do you love the string of pearls?


And under that gorgeous cake? Another spectacular linen from I Do Linens. I adore the delicate gold detail.

I love that Sweet Sensations brought two cakes, because it shows how you can go two very different ways with a cake that offer different style interpretations of a single theme.

In keeping with the 1920’s theme, I Do Linens displayed her linens in this straight-from-Titanic vintage travel case. LOVE!

The StudioWed area had quite a party going.

We had people choosing playlist options with AMPD Atlanta …  … and One Sound Entertainment.

They were able to sift through color and texture samples to come up with inspiration boards, thanks to Lemiga Events.

There was great food supplied by one of my favorites, Epting Events. This cheese dip? I think they almost had to physically drag me away from it so there would be some left for the 1000 other people there.

And cake samples from For Goodness Cakes. I had the champagne & raspberry and cinnamon. Yes, please!

And me? I had a Gatsby-inspired photobooth!