There are many reasons why I love my job. One of them is coming in contact with people that affect others just through the energy they bring to the world. It was such a privilege to see Ashley and Ryan get married because watching them together warms my heart. There’s just something about how they interact … they’re very TOGETHER, very devoted, very caring and loving. Even looking back at the pictures gives me a great feeling remembering the day, like I had wandered unsuspectingly into a fairy tale. I’ve talked before about what a beautiful couple they are, but really, there’s nothing more beautiful than an open heart.

The wedding took place at Montaluce, in this gorgeous spot overlooking the vineyards. Love the grape details on the arch!

As they came outside, guests could grab these totally adorable packs of tissue!
The sun was low in the sky as the ceremony started, bathing the area in this warm, magical light.
And those tissues? Went to good use by MANY during the ceremony. Most specially Ashley and Ryan. There’s nothing that speaks to me more than a moment like this.
I adore this. This box has openings for their One Year, Five Year, and Ten Year anniversary. During the ceremony they placed a bottle of wine and note to each other for each of those milestones.
Oh, this golden sunlight!