I’ve got a great President’s Day Sale for you! But first, this Public Service Announcement on the dangers of Pinterest…

So it was New Year’s Day and I sat down at my computer to do a little work and a little play (play first). First stop: Facebook. Second Stop: Pinterest. Now I know how people feel who say they are abducted by aliens ¬†– waking up missing a period of time. Only instead of hazy memories of alien forms, I had this to show for it:

Yes, that’s an origami dollar bill shirt.

In the spirit of my Pinterest abduction and President’s Day, I’d like to offer a President’s Day Sale. I know lots of you have been meaning to place an order, but Pinterest, kids, work, or life in general keep distracting you. So TODAY ONLY,¬†save yourself a Washington or a Lincoln. Use the coupon code in CAPS when you check out to get a little President’s Day love.

WASHINGTON: Save $1 on any $10 order.

LINCOLN: Save $5 on any $25 order.

Happy President’s Day!