Abbi and Aaron got married on a simply lovely November day at The Chimneys at Big Canoe. It’s such a lovely spot.

Why do they call it The Chimneys? These tall, freestanding chimneys in the courtyard are all that remains of a house built in 1913.

Lace wedding gown + red leaves + blue sky = autumn love.

And the shoes. Oh, the purple shoes.

The shoes would be awesome on cuteness alone. But the bottom of the shoes made them even more special. On the right shoe, something blue.

On the left shoe, a sweet message to Abbi from Aaron.

Why “Olive Juice”? Here’s the scoop from Abbi and Aaron:

This description goes with the really cute koozis.

And I love these tulip bulbs. I wonder how many of their guests have tulips about to bloom now!

Let me introduce you to the wedding party. Everyone, this is the guys. Guys, this is everyone.

These guys were having a great time from the very beginning.

And the gorgeous ladies.

Oh, how I loved this spot in the afternoon where the sun streamed through the trees. Abbi was glowing from the inside and out.