When I got home from Kelli and Alex’s wedding, I said to John, “I want to hang out with them EVERY DAY.” I might not actually be able to do that since they have their own lives and all. But if I was gonna live a sitcom life where no one ever goes to work and we all just sat around on a couch in a coffee shop, I’d want to find out what coffee shop they go to and plop myself down in a comfy chair.

Kelli and Alex actually eloped. They had planned a big wedding, but realized that the stress and cost of the fairy tale wedding weren’t as important to them as being MARRIED, they decided to elope. Three weeks later we found ourselves at Rhodes Hall on Leap Day for a beautiful, intimate wedding.


The ceremony was quick and soon we were outside taking pictures. Are they gorgeous or what?

But what is so awesome about them is that they have quirky, funny personalities that perfectly mesh. They’re just so flippin’ cute I could have taken pictures of them all day.

And in honor of Leap Day…


And instead of a bouquet toss┬áthere was a bouquet grab…

You know, whether your wedding is big or small, you can incorporate adorable elements that show your personality. Shoes, bags, feathers, even nail polish.

They went to Eastern Kentucky University, and the Colonel made appearances throughout our time together.

Thanks again, Kelli and Alex, for allowing me to be a part of your wedding. I feel lucky to have been there!