I think we went from winter to summer in just a couple days. With this 85+ degree weather, it’s almost hard to remember that just a week ago it was chilly and windy. But last Sunday there was nothing warmer than the smiles on Jonathan and Veronica’s faces. Yeah, that sounds pretty cheesy (sorry) but it’s also pretty true. This stuff will keep you warm.

Let’s start with Veronica getting ready for the day. As her bridesmaids laced up her dress, she had this peaceful, contented look on her face. LOVE.

Oh, tell me how much you love her shoes!

Seriously, I just cannot take my eyes of Veronica. She looks so confident and secure.

Here’s a closeup of the bouquet, from Design House of Flowers.

Meanwhile, the guys were ready to go! We first met up in the bar downstairs at Legal Sea Foods, at the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn.


This is what I’m talking about… Jonathan had this warm smile on his face the entire day. He was practically beaming.

So from there, we went up to the roof at Ventanas. Simply amazing 360 degree view of the city!


And now back to Veronica. Since the winds were threatening to blow us right off the helipad, with the ladies we stayed downstairs. Luckily we had great places to shoot downstairs too!

These ladies knew how to work it!

Oh, and check out more of these gorgeous flowers.

I’ll close for today with some shots of Veronica, looking just lovely and peacefully assured before the ceremony, a time when so many people are really showing nerves!

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you the rooftop ceremony at Ventanas!