I’m back today to show you the lovely rooftop wedding ceremony of Veronica and Jonathan. Ventanas has a gorgeous patio overlooking the city, where the ceremony took place. Nina captured this great shot of Veronica just moments before stepping outside.

Veronica’s entrance down the spiral staircase was lovely, and Jonathan’s smile as he watched her was positively unstoppable.


It was quite a windy day, and you know how I love the look of a blowing veil!

Simply fabulous view of the city!

This is such a cute moment. After Veronica’s father gave her away, it seemed like he just didn’t want to leave. ┬áIt made this moment between the three of them very sweet and funny.

Oh, let me show you the great aisle runner.

When I look at these pictures, I still get a warm feeling in my heart remembering the way they just beamed at each other throughout the entire ceremony. I remember the wedding planner, Zephanie Curlett from Unique Events & Favors, remarking to me during the ceremony how their smiles just lit up the entire area.


And as usual, I love these moments right after the ceremony.

Next up, I’ll be showing you some portraits, and the FUN reception.