I was really looking forward to this session for Kelly and Matt, but I had no idea the fabulous time I would have! We went to a beautiful cabin in the woods built by Kelly’s parents. It was so peaceful and beautiful there, and we had SO much fun shooting that they almost had to kick me out at the end of the day.

They say this is the place where they fell in love. Makes me feel like I’m in a classic novel, where the hero and heroine take a nap and dream of their future together on this hammock by the river.

They love mustaches. I would too if I looked this cute with one.

This quilt was made by Kelly’s great grandmother, as a gift to Kelly’s mother for her high school graduation.

P.S. I’m particularly¬†enamored¬†with the fly-fishing style detail on Kelly’s dress.

This one seems to be everyone’s favorite from the session.

But I confess this one is my favorite.

How will I ever be able to wait until October for Kelly and Matt’s wedding?