Know how busy my weekend was? I’ve been dying to show you photos from my session with Bella, but between a 6-hour shoot on Friday, wedding in Athens on Saturday, and utterly spectacular party on Sunday, I just couldn’t get to it. But maybe that’s for the best, because I can’t think of a better way to brighten up this rainy Monday morning than with pictures of this lovely family.

When I shot Jennifer and Mike’s wedding a few years ago, I was struck by how they BOTH have such spectacular blue eyes. “They are going to have some beautiful babies” was practically a mantra overheard at the wedding. And all those people were so, so right. “Bella” means beautiful, and thank goodness her name is Isabella, otherwise people would probably just call her “Bella” anyway.


There’s something about this image I just love. Maybe it’s the purple bow. Maybe it’s those eyelashes. Maybe it’s the fact that she wanted to try eating a leaf.

“Umm, guys?”

Is this a gorgeous family, or what? And their sweetness matches their prettiness.

This is Bella’s toy phone. I think she’s already like me with my iphone … she always knows exactly where it is, and rarely wants to put it down.

Those eyes.

After a little while, we plopped ourselves down in the grass. Bella is such a sweet-tempered girl, and we had so much fun talking, laughing, and crawling. Well, only one of us spent much time crawling.


Daddy makes Bella laugh.

And Mommy gives great hugs. Oh, and P.S. don’t you love this crochet bracelet she has on?

Snuggle time.

We had so much fun in the park that even after our session was over, we kept just talking and enjoying each other’s company on this gorgeous day in the park. We didn’t want to leave. But ¬†you know how you’re done with a family session? When somebody does this.