This week I’m showing families. Father’s day is coming up, and it makes me think of how much I enjoy seeing fathers and mothers with their children. I love seeing the families grow and change, and love seeing the interactions between them.┬áToday, let’s meet the Harrison family. We had a beautiful day around their home with the whole family.

At the beginning of any session, there’s usually a time when the babies or toddlers are just tryin’ to figure me out. Who is this person? What is that black thing, and why does it make those clicky noises? And do you have any Cheerios, or what?

Check me out, I’m crawling.

Here is the fam in the back yard.

Sometimes kids are fussy during a family session, and I kind of like that. Because every parent has their go-to moves to calm a crying child … those things that make them laugh and dry their tears … the things that help a child know his parents are there for him. The comforts that make a family. I love being able to capture those moments.

And then, there are cheerios.

But you know what’s even more fun than having cheerios for yourself? Feeding them to the dog.

So is this where they get the expression “I need a little pick-me-up”?

This gorgeous setting is just down the street from their home. What a quiet, relaxing, and beautiful place.

Here’s to the daddies and the mommies, and the things you do every day that create memories for those tiny, developing people.