Oh, how I love the Lakefront Pavillion at the Evergreen Marriott at Stone Mountain. A gorgeous, scenic spot overlooking the lake, featuring tall trees, and even a stone fireplace. I can almost feel the soft breeze coming off the water.

Here’s Julie and her father making their way down the aisle.

Part of my love of this spot is purely selfish. I love when I can be behind the officiant during the ceremony so I can get closeups, like this.

Such a sweet, emotion-filled first kiss!

I love the look on Julie’s face as they walk up the hill after the ceremony. That’s just pure joy.

Just moments after the ceremony, we got this quick image of the wedding party next to these gorgeous tall trees.


This stone fireplace is a gorgeous feature, and fit so perfectly with Julie & Stephen’s classic, elegant look.

Something about this spot seems timeless.

Walking through the tall trees at sunset… so romantic.

Aren’t they just perfectly adorable? I think you can tell from looking at them too that they are just sweet, kind, genuine people.


And the veil! Oh, how I love a long veil.


I want to show you a cool detail from their wedding. This thumbprint tree is one of my favorites I’ve ever seen. Because the tree theme is so perfect for this location, and because the artistry of the tree itself is just amazing. So gorgeous. And maybe it reminds me of The Giving Tree.