Best laid plans… I had it all figured out, I was going to blog about Julie and Stephen’s reception on June 21, because that would be the 6th anniversary of Julie’s sister-in-law Amy. This is Amy, having fun at the reception, and yes, she is as fun as she looks. 🙂

Why do I remember that date? Because it was also my birthday. I shot Amy’s wedding on my birthday 6 years ago, and it was a ridiculously fun party. So when Julie and Stephen hired me for their wedding, I was VERY excited because I knew this was going to be a superfun party. I was so right.

Here’s what I love about this couple: They have these classic looks that made me feel like I was watching an old movie. So elegant. But here’s what they’re NOT: stuffy. The party was so lightheartedly joyful and fun! I knew this was gonna be awesome from the introductions, and the first dances were so sweetly merry.


The toasts were just as fun, loving, and sweet.

Check out how many people lined up to say kind words about the bride and groom! That really tells you something.

Let’s talk a minute about this great cake with gorgeous bright summer florals. Cake by Alpine Bakery, and flowers by Flowers from Us.

Okay, now that the cake is cut, the lights came down and people cut loose. And the moral of the story is this: everyone loves glow sticks.

You want to be at this party, don’t you? I look at these images and want to go back and be there all over again.

Fun bouquet toss, too!

And finally, Julie and Stephen made their way through the sparklers. And you know, if I was going to describe this evening, “sparkle” is a word that seems totally appropriate.

More details for you:

Reception venue: Evergreen Marriott at Stone Mountain Park.

Fun times and good music provided by: DJ Dre 

Julie’s gorgeous gown from Bridals by Lori