So many gorgeous fashions and details to show you today! Giselle and Todd’s Wedding at The Foundry at Puritan Mill is so unique and filled with a high fashion style.

Giselle’s gown was designed by Reco Chapple, who finished 4th in the Bravo series The Fashion Show.

Reco Chapple Bridal gown

And these gorgeous bridesmaid dresses were designed by the bride herself! I’m so in love with the color, the fabric, the detail, and especially that sweep of fabric that gives a short dress such a chic, evening look.

Bridesmaids at The Foundry at Puritan Mill

And by the way, can I mention how the wedding party REALLY took to the fashion theme? They were amazing.

Bridesmaids gowns by Giselle Windham, Ixora, Inc.

Back at the church, Giselle and Todd had this fab vintage car from Bowtie Custom cars. (And by the way, if you like vintage cars, just wait till I show you our post-wedding session!)

Bride in classic car in Reco Chapple gown

Bride in classic car

Bride and groom with classic car

Bride and Groom with Red classic car

And I want to tell you about these brooches. After scouring thrift shops, Giselle finally found what she wanted at Then, EventScapes took charge of put them together into these gorgeous bouquets. I love it when brides work together with their vendors to create such fabulous results!

Brooch bouquet

When we got over to the Foundry at Puritan Mill we were able to find a few minutes to take photos outside just as the sun was getting beautifully low in the sky.

Todd’s uber-suave suit was designed by Dalen Spratt & Juwan Mass at

Groomsmen at The Foundry at Puritan Mill

Are they a chic group, or what?

Wedding party at the Foundry at Puritan Mill

Inside at The Foundry At Puritan Mill, the room was filled with colorful gorgeous details, and tables were named after fashion icons. I really love these colors in this room. And this seems like a great time to mention the wedding planners!  Natalie Delmar and Provi Fulp-Ramphal of 5 star events.

Purple and Blue peacock table at The Foundry at Puritan Mill

Crystal + peacock tablescape


The Foundry at Puritan Mill wedding reception

Tomorrow, they walk the catwalk! Plus, a surprise performance.