Do you ever feel like any two points in your life are connected not by a straight line, but by a tangled, path more closely resembling a bowl of spaghetti dropped on the floor?

I started blogging Giselle and Todd’s wedding last week, and today I’m back, 7 days and one computer later, to continue sharing the gorgeousness. At some point during the week I admit I was tempted to re-enact that scene from Office Space. You know, this one (WARNING: The music is NSFW, but it’s straight from the movie):


But now, all is well and I’m creating this post from my new, upgraded iMac. She’s really pretty and sweet, and I think we’ll be very, very happy together. But I digress…

Giselle and Todd’s reception featured a spectacular custom-built catwalk smack in the middle of the dance floor, complete with lighting worthy of any runway show. Eat your heart out Heidi Klum, these people ROCKED it.


Is this my dream wedding, or what? How did I ever get so lucky?

As they finished dinner, there was a surprise performance! The show turned from fashion to concert when Xavier Lewis sang for Giselle and Todd.

I’m so grateful to Giselle and Todd for allowing me to be a part of this awesome event!