You know that feeling when you fall in love? When you can’t think about anything else, and just the thought of the object of your affection brings an excited smile to your face? That’s how I’m feeling this week. About this cake:

Amazing Cake by Mark Lotti

This is the cake from Sharon and John’s wedding on Saturday, created by the master, Mark Lotti at Classic Cheesecakes and Cakes. The cake was great, with layers of bright lemon and rich almond. And then cheesecake. Oh, the cheesecake. When I tasted it I’m pretty sure Courtney thought I was having stroke. I consider it an act of PROFOUND professionalism and restraint that I didn’t lick the cake stand right there in the middle of the reception. 

Oh cheesecake, if lovin’ you is wrong… I don’t want to be right.