My To-Do List wakes me up very early in the morning. It crawls in bed with me, purring loudly, nuzzles my ear, and then if I don’t respond it plants a big furry paw on the side of my face, meowing “Feed me! Feed me!”. Wait, that might be my cat. But shortly after that, my To-Do List jumps in bed too. Nudging me, swirling images from this weekend in my head and encouraging me to get up, to download memory cards, process images. I feel it staring at me like a kid with tickets to Disneyland. It reminds me of the cool moments I’ll be seeing as I process images. “Hey!” … “Remember that pretty calligraphy?” it whispers. “Don’t you want to go through those images when the light was so pretty at sunset?”

And that is how I found myself at my desk before 4 a.m. this morning, processing this image from Kelly and Carl’s wedding on Friday at Summerour. There’s so much I love about this image, from the late afternoon sun streaming through the ivy, to the content, loving moment between Kelly and Carl. Thanks, To-Do list.

Sunlight and Ivy at Summerour Atlanta wedding