Here’s the thing about being a photographer: It is rare to actually get a day off. Since we work on weekends shooting weddings and portraits, and do our image processing, marketing, album design, networking and other generally boring accounting and business-y stuff during the week, it often turns into a 7-day-a-week proposition. Sure, it’s fun as all getout, but sometimes I look back at the calendar and realize I haven’t had a day “off” in many weeks. I planned for today to be my day off, but after a quick round of Draw Something featuring a pretty awesome rendition of Oscar the Grouch (if I do say so myself), found myself obsessing again about seeing the images from yesterday’s wedding. ¬†After all, it was a ridiculously fun day. Just a quick peek, I said, stumbling a little groggily up to my office. And that’s how this morning’s image happened.
Acworth Train Wedding Photo

So now: here I am, torn. Still wanting to take at least part of the day off and recharge a little, but wanting to look at more images. I’ve got a session with newborn twins to work on, after all. That’s like crack to a photographer, you know. CRACK.