I have been waiting AGES to show you this wedding. Sometimes I hold off on blogging a wedding until the images are published in a magazine, and waiting to show you such gorgeous details can be TORTURE. In this case, Morgan and Eric’s wedding was published in Occasions magazine, and once it was, I got swamped and wasn’t able to share the fab details with you. But today as I start 2013 I resolve to blog the heck out of this year, and I’m going to start with some of the most elegant, simply gorgeous weddings ever.

What detail starts us off better than these impossibly fabulous shoes?

Crystal adorned bridal shoes

The girls got ready at The Four Seasons.

hair and makeup

I loved these tote bags for the bridesmaids. Simple and chic.

Bridesmaid tote bags

Morgan is so lovely. You can see the kindness in her eyes, and as we headed to Peachtree Christian Church, she was just radiant.

Morgan on the way to Peachtree Christian church

Peachtree Christian Church

The elements of this wedding that Morgan put together are a perfect representation of her personality, and their personality as a couple. Refined, perfectly coordinated pieces that are elegant without being fussy. Her gown… oh, her gown. I swoon.

Wedding gown from Priscilla of Boston

The detail…

Wedding gown detail

Each bridesmaid had coordinating jewelry, but my favorite part is that they weren’t all the same. Some had necklaces, some bracelets. I love the variety and the simplicity of black and white.

The flowers, by Britt Wood were not only gorgeous, but this bouquet smelled so wonderful it was intoxicating.

bridal bouquet

White groom boutonniere

Here are Morgan and Eric in front of the gorgeous church.

Bridal florals

Peachtree Christian Church wedding photography

Peachtree Christian Church wedding photography

Peachtree Christian Church wedding photography

There’s oh so much more to this wedding … next time!