More today from Morgan and Eric’s elegant wedding. Today I’m showing you MOMENTS. Some of my favorites, and some of Morgan’s favorites, all that make my heart do a little skip when I look at them.

One of the things I loved the most about this wedding is that Morgan really took moments throughout the day to soak everything in. Some of my favorite images ever are these looks of peaceful love on her face as she takes a deep breath, listening to the music as the ceremony begins and waiting to walk down the aisle.

Bride before ceremony

In Morgan’s words:

“During your wedding weekend, make a point to take it all in. Don’t let the weekend pass you by without acknowledging all that is happening. Slow down, and let yourself experience the little moments of your big day. “

Morgan about to walk down the aisle


Groom watching bride walk down the aisle

Morgan’s favorite moment of the day:

“I think one of my favorite moments of the day would have been during the ceremony. Eric and I had just given our vows, and we had walked behind the altar to the unity candle. Reverend James Bell at Peachtree Christian Church, one of our officiants, and his wife, were singing The Prayer. Eric and I were able to take in the moment, take in all that was happening, and listen to the beautiful lyrics. It was a dream come true.”

Morgan's favorite moment

Her favorite images…

“Janet captured two amazing photos of Eric and I recessing down the aisle at the end of our wedding ceremony. One was of Eric and I looking at each other, arm in arm; the other, looking straight into the camera looking as happy as we felt.”

Celebration down the aisle

One of my personal favorites is this moment just after they walked out of the ceremony…

Kiss after the ceremony

And when they’re greeted by the rest of the wedding party. Such joy!

Joyful moment after the ceremony

There’s something about their look and poise … they’re just so regal. I felt like I was shooting a royal wedding. Especially as they rode to the reception in this vintage car.

Morgan and Eric vintage car getaway

Morgan and Eric vintage car

Up next: We’ll make our way to the Biltmore for a stunning reception.